We’ve Still Gotta Eat Between Challenges

I don’t want to “slack off” on my blog in between my cooking challenges AND we still have to eat wheter it is a cooking challenge or not. So, I’ll post about other recipes, food, and meals, even if I didn’t create them myself.

Wednesdays are my “busy” days. Well, every day is a a busy day, but Wednesdays just seem to be busier than the rest. A typical Wednesday gets me to the office by 7 am and I don’t normally leave campus until close to 9 pm. Let’s be real (a phrase I borrowed from Kerry Byrnes)… I don’t feel like cooking after a day like that. In my house, we’ve dubbed these days as “Crockpot Wednesdays.” Makes for an easy and yummy dinner and there are almost always leftovers for lunch on Thursday. Hmmmm….maybe I’ll dub Thursdays as “Leftover Thursdays.” That is something to think about.

Joe and I are both huge fans of Indian food, and his particular favorite is Lamb Vindaloo. I found a recipe on Stephanie O’Dea’s blog for Crockpot Lamb Vindaloo. Sounds great, right?

Lamb is EXPENSIVE. I looked for the 3 lb leg as directed by the recipe and it was $32! Beef (and the price that goes with beef) sounded much better.

I tweaked the recipe in four ways:

1) substituted beef for lamb

2) doubled the onion

3) added fresh tomatoes instead of canned

4) replaced the potatoes with carrots (potatoes are not paleo; small substitutions matter!)

The result was great! This is definitely a keeper recipe. The combination of spices was an interesting mix of sweet, spicy, and tangy. The tomatoes and onions cooked down to make a nice chunky sauce. I’m looking forward to “Leftover Thursday” now!

What are your favorite meals that work well as leftovers?


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