Orange you glad you are following my blog?

Today was grocery shopping day. While I shopped for our normal needs, Joe shopped for my challenge needs. He has been working on learning Spanish for a few months using a site called Duolingo and recently started a free Spanish class at the public library. My guess is that his ingredient selection was inspired by his recent interest in Spanish and our recent trip to the Festival Latino de Lexington, which inspired a previous blog called “A Taste of Lexington’s Latino Culture.”

This week’s ingredients included salsa, red onion, jicama, oranges, and chorizo.


Joe has done it again…jicama?!?! As you know, my challenge rules don’t allow for me to use the internet for help. It looked like a potato, so I treated it like a potato.

To turn this set of ingredients into dinner, this is what I did. First, I preheated the oven to 400 degrees while I cubed half of the jicama and put the cubes into a single layered, olive oil coated pan. I lightly sprinkled black papper and chili powder on the cubes and put them into the oven. This was also the moment when I decided to make two dishes: dinner and a dessert. While pulling the black pepper out of our lazy susan, I noticed a box of instant vanilla pudding.

While the chorizo and about 1/4 cup of red onion into a large skillet fried, I decided to use the vanilla pudding for a dessert. I of course wanted to do something to put my own spin on it and to add cohesion between the dinner and the dessert. I used the zest of one orange and 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder to add to the pudding mix (I only used half of the mix because I only had enough milk for 1 cup when the full recipe called for 2 cups). I whisked this together for about 2 minutes, added zest to the top and put it in the refrigerator to chill.


I cut the orange in half and squeezed half of it into the chorizo and onion mixture. I let it continue simmering.

Next, I used avocado, a very small amount of red onion, about a half teaspoon, of cumin, lime juice, and the juice of a quarter of an orange to make my own version of guacamole. I’m sure there are other ingredients in guacamole, but I coudln’t remember them without the internet. Turns out there is garlic, tomato and no cumin (Guacamole Recipe).My version was still very fresh and tasty!


The final step in the meal was heating the flour tortillas we had in our refrigerator left over from another meal. I spread a small amount of butter on one side of the tortilla and heated it in a skillet flipping them once. The final meal was orange infused chorizo tacos with orange guacamole, a side of salsa topped jicama, and the chocolate orange pudding.


Joe and I agreed that, overall, it was a good meal. The only thing that didn’t really appeal to me was the jicama. Even though I baked it for 55 minutes (it was the very last thing I plated!), it still never got tender like potatoes would and the skins got chewy. Although the salsa on top helped with the flavor, it was sweeter than I had imagined. Next time, I will try taking the skins off, slicing even smaller, and baking longer at 425 instead of 400 (when I’m not on the clock!).

We still have a half of a jicama left, so I looked around for a different recipe to try. I think I’ll try a shrimp, mango, and jicama salad sometime this week.

What do you like to do with jicama?


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