Kentucky Bourbon – A good ingredient to keep around!

We’ve found several uses for bourbon in cooking since we’ve moved to Kentucky. I make bourbon balls each Christmas and I recently started using a bourbon and balsamic vinegar marinade on steaks that is amazing (thank you Pinterest)!

Last night we had a dinner date with our good friends Jon and Amy. We decided to have wings with various dipping sauce, veggies, tater tots, and watermelon. My contribution to the meal was a barbeque sauce made from scratch (my first attempt ever!). Of course, this was not something I could do without a little internet help. I found this receipe for Bourbon Barbeque Sauce.

It had great reviews, and I must add my great review to it as well. Even though I normally like a little more kick to my sauces, it was very flavorful. A great balance of sweet and tangy. .

There were a few things I did differently and a few things I will do differently next time. First, I was missing one ingredient; I did not have liquid smoke at home. I skipped the liquid smoke. Second, I was worried that the recipe called for cider vinegar and I only had apple cider vinegar; turns out they are the same thing! Third, I included about a half a cup less of ketchup to avoid too much tomato in the taste. Everything seemed to work out well.

What would I do differently? Next time I’m adding chopped jalapenos to give it a little more kick and I’ll blend the sauce to make it a little smoother.

Another great adventure in the kitchen and I’ll work on developing my own signature sauce now that I’ve got the basics down!


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