“Life changing donuts”

A friend’s facebook post about amazing donuts and a great back patio prompted my first (but, certainly not my last!) visit to North Lime Coffee and Donuts.

I’m not sure how long this place has been around, but it must be one of Lexington’s best kept secrets. They have a small selection of their daily donuts and then a donut of the month special. Despite the small selection, the donuts they have are done so well!

I had the strawberry cake donut (front) and my mom had the key lime donut (back). The were amazing! The shop’s website may sound dramatic, but they are not lying when they say “Life changing donuts.”


I am convinced that they are life changing donuts from both the taste and the large number of people lining up for them early in the morning. I’m looking forward to trying another kind next time.

I’ve never tried making donuts, but in the spirit of fall (today is the first official day of fall!) and being healthier (baked not fried!), I think I’ll try making this recipe for Baked Pumpkin Donuts.

If you try North Lime Coffee and Donuts or making your own donut recipe, let me know how it goes!


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