A New Food Truck in Town

Joe and I have always been interested in the food truck culture. In fact, we even had a few fun engagement photos taken at a food truck in Lexington thanks to our good friends Kim and Dave at 522 Photography. Very few people have seen this one…


Food trucks have been quite the rage lately, and simultaneously quite the controversy in Lexington. There is a great rotation of food trucks like Fork in the Road, Cluckin Burger, and Bradford BBQ featured at local breweries like West Sixth Brewing and Country Boy Brewing.

Tonight, we had our weekly West Sixth Running Club. Next week I’ll earn my running club t-shirt. Woo hoo! After the run, we decided to sample Lexington’s newest food truck: The Athenian Grill. We had “Crazy” Feta and a lamb gyro. It was νόστιμα (Google translate tells me this is the greek word for delicious)!


If you are one of my blog followers in the Muncie area, get excited! Your first food truck is in progress! Check out Slop on Top.

If you haven’t explored the food truck culture yet, you are missing out on a great culinary experience, wherever you are.



One thought on “A New Food Truck in Town

  1. […] food trucks: Fork in the Road. Read about some of the other food trucks in Lexington in the post I wrote about the Athenian Grill food […]

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