Esta noche he aprendido dos nuevas recetas de sopa…

…or in other words, “Tonight I learned two new soup recipes” thanks to another great Soups On event hosted by Seedleaf.This is a great event where we learn new soup recipes, cook the soups, sample it and donate it for a good cause.

Tonight we made two different soups with another guest chef. Her name was Maria and she owns a place called Farm Market where you can buy authentic mexican food and groceries. Both of the soup recipes are her own creation and had a little mexican flair to them. She told us that she couldn’t give exact ingredient amounts because that was not how she cooked. So excuse the lack of specificity in my descriptions!

First, we used fresh local corn to make a cream of corn soup.


We shucked the corn, shaved it all off and began cooking it in butter. Interestingly, we learned that you can use the silks from the corn to make a tea. They told us it would be good for us. I googled it when I got home and corn silk tea is supposed to cleanse your kidneys. So, we boiled water, seeped the silks, and tried it. It tastes like you are drinking corn. You can even buy it in pill form!

While the corn cooked and while we sipped on tea, we blended tomatoes, onions, garlic, and water. When finely blended, we added it to the corn mixture. We cooked this for a while and added seasoning like salt, coriander, and achiote to taste.

Here’s another trick we learned: add a pinch of baking soda to reduce the acidity in vegetables. This will also help to cut down on curdling if you are adding milk, sour cream, or another dairy product. We added the baking soda and then we added sour cream and cooked it a while longer. Our finished product was amazing!


Next, we made cream of butternut squash soup. We started with with peeling and chopping the butternut squash. We started frying it in butter until soft.


While that was frying, we started boiling milk in a pan to get it to a creamy consistency. We added water to the squash and blended until smooth, but left a few chunks in it. We added salt, pepper, parsely, and chicken bouillon powder. We used the same baking soda trick (just a pinch) and added the milk. We topped it with chopped mozzarella. This was my favorite of the two soups!


I love Soups On because we always meet great people, learn new recipes, and learn other little tidbits of information related to cooking. Did you see what I learned last month while making a vegetable salad, beet greens, and a roasted beet soup? Check it out at A Messy Kitchen Means You Had a Good Time.

Sadly, this is the last Soups On for the 2012 growing season, but I’m looking forward to starting over again next year with new recipes!


One thought on “Esta noche he aprendido dos nuevas recetas de sopa…

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