Food Swap – Crockpot Creamy Tortellini Soup

One of my favorite days of the month, every month, is Food Swap day.

I’m part of a group of about 6 women who much like me, all enjoy cooking but also lead very busy lives. We choose one day a month where we each make a different food item and we make freezable family sized portions of a recipe of our choice to share with each other. We each walk in with multiple portions of ths same thing and walk out with a whole array of new foods to try! It is a great way to get new recipes to spice up my recipe box (both my real one and my virtual one on Pinterest). For example, my food swap buddy Sarah brought Spinach and Broccoli Enchiladas that I really enjoyed so I instantly tracked down the recipe she used and put it away for safe keeping.

I can’t take the credit for starting food swap, but I can tell you that I’m a huge supporter. It usually feeds my husband and I for a whole week including lunches and dinners. We’ve also used our food swap bounty for multiple weeks if spread out where I cook a couple of days, but not feeling like I have to cook every day or even needing to grocery shop for that matter.

For food swap this weekend, I decided to make a crockpot soup to go along with the recently chilly fall weather. I made a Crockpot Creamy Tortellini Soup from Better Homes and Gardens. I did three things different for my soup. I added shredded chicken to give the dish a little protein; I used more fresh garlic just because I enjoy garlic; and I used the rainbow tortellini to give it a little color. Here is the finished product:


I am pumped to find out what foods I’ll bring home with me tomorrow!


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