Berrylicious Pork

Last week’s Crockpot Wednesday meal was a Blackberry Pork. I didn’t blog about it, mostly because I rushed it into the crockpot and then rushed out the door without taking pictures. However, it was a DELICIOUS meal.It reminded me of another favorite crockpot meal I would highly recommend: Honey and Apple Pork Loin (my advice is to add more apples!).

You might be asking yourself, “Why is she blogging about it now?”

The answer is because I found a way to use this pork in a different way and the result was noteworthy. As you know, I try to repurpose leftovers from restaurants and to reuse ingredients from previous meals in creative ways.

I heated the leftover pork from the crockpot and shredded it, making sure that the shredded pork was well coated in the blackberry wine sauce. I added this to a bun, topped it with a slice of cheddar cheese, and toasted it in the oven until the cheese was melted and the bun was slightly browned. Quick, simple, and tasty!


I enjoyed both of the fruity pork crockpot recipes I’ve tried. Now, I’m wondering about other protein and fruit combinations I could try. Chicken and peaches? Beef and pears? Duck and cherries? So many possibilities!


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