Support Your Local Restaurants, Farmers, and Charities

I love the town where I live. I believe that when you support your local farmers, restaurants, stores, and charities, your town is a more vibrant place to live and you become a more engaged citizen in your community.You actually get to see the impact that your support can make.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I often blog about local restaurants. For example, you may have read my posts about life changing donuts, making soup from local produce, the bluegrass pizza bakeoff (which BRIDGE pizza won by citizen and professional judge vote!), the Nicaraguan Latin Grill, local food trucks, or School sushi.

Tonight I had dinner at Stella’s which is common for us because of our close proximity to the restaurant. Every Thursday night they donate 15% of their proceeds to a local organization. For example, tonight they donated this percentage of their proceeds to the starting gate program of The Race for Education, an organization that focuses on college readiness for children of those families in need for equine and agricultural programs, providing scholarships for college.

All of their products are locally grown and made in house from scratch. Further, they are one of the best restaurants that I am aware of in town that offers a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. I’m not a vegetarian but I still order the dishes and enjoy them immensely. Tonight’s dinner was their sausage plate: local bratwurst, andouille sausage (which I haven’t had since France!), mashed potatoes, and sauerkraut.The picture is not flattering thanks to my to-go container, but WOW did that meal hit the spot!


My other favorites there include the hot brown, lamb burger (which they sell out of quickly if you don’t get there), the Revro burger, duck deviled eggs, and the truffle mac n’ cheese.

We often eat dinner out or through carry out, but where does the food actually come from when we grab McDonald’s, Qdoba, Subway, or Papa John’s? And was it frozen first? More importantly, where do their profits go? I’m not saying I never eat at these places because I certainly do, but I love when I have the chance to eat locally grown homemade food and know that part of my money is going back to a locally supported good cause.

Kudos to Stella’s for making giving back to the community a regular business practice.


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