Homemade Birthday Sushi

Every year for six years, we’ve been making sushi for my birthday. This year was a little different; I recently took a sushi rolling class so I got to put my new skills to use!

It all starts with the rice. This is a lengthy and sometimes tricky process. We could simplify with a rice cooker, but we’ve been doing it this way for so long, that is has become a habit.


While the rice is boiling, simmering, or cooling (or whatever other stage of prep it might be in), we prepare all of the filling materials. In this picture you will see sushi grade tuna, smoked salmon, crab sticks, shredded crab mixed with spicy sauce, avocado, mango, chives, cucumber, cream cheese, wasabi sauce and soy sauce.


Everything was ready to go, so we started rolling and slicing away! There are so many differnt combinations you can create!


We enjoyed a gourmet sushi dinner and even have some leftover for lunch today! Below was one of our favorites – tuna, mango, chives, and cream cheese.



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