The Great Pistachio Caper

It has been WAY too long since my last food challenge. But this one was worth the wait! Here was the challenge:


Here you see yellow super sweet tomatoes, duck breast, pistachios, and capers. The rules don’t stop there… I had to use them whatever item, if any, that they were paired with and I could not use them with the items they were not paired with. In other words, I had to make 3 dishes, one with the tomatoes, one with the duck, and one with the pistachios and capers together. There had to be an appetizer, entree, and dessert. This one was a little intimidating but I had to think fast with my time limits.

The first thing I did was get the duck started. I separated the fat from the duck and placed the fat in a skillet with a little olive oil on the lowest heat setting.


I used pesto that I had in the refrigerator to smear onto the duck and placed it in the over at 350 degrees.


While the duck cooked, I sliced pears I had on my hand and the super sweet tomatoes into chunks.


I dropped some Trader Joe’s organic dark chocolate into about 2 tablespoons of milk and cooked it on very low heat. The milk makes it a little creamier and keeps it from burning.


Next, I put pistachios, olive oil, capers, and a little lemon juice into the manual food processor and blended it well.


Once the chocolate was melted, I added about a quarter of a teaspoon of corstarch to thicken it a bit.


Once the duck fat had cooked for a while, and was browned well, I took it out of the pan and placed the fat into the oven with the duck to crisp a little more.


I added the duck fat from the pan to the pistachio mixture to make a nice dressing for a spinach and tomato salad.


I plated the pesto duck breast and duck fat with the salad.


I drizzled the dark chocolate over the pears and sweet tomatoes.


I have to say that this was one of my most difficult challenges yet, but the meal turned out to be my favorite by far. The duck was very tasty and cooked well. This was all luck’ I’ve never made duck before and had no idea how long to bake it or if I was baking it at the right temperature.

I want the pistachio, caper, and duck fat dressing for every salad I eat. My only adjustment would be to add more capers.

I was verynervous about the dessert dish, but even that turned out really well. We are adding all three to our recipe box for future meals!


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