ABC…Easy as 123

For tonight’s challenge, we decided to spice it up a bit. Instead, of doing a mystery ingredient challenge like in my Great Pistachio Caper or Joe giving me a challenge and limited time to purchase ingrediens like in Karlo’s Meets Caprese, Joe found a fancy random letter generator online and asked it to produce 3 letters for me (Get it? That’s where the ABC in the title comes from…)

My letters were:




I had to find an ingredient that started with each letter and use them to create dinner. Walking into the store, my plan was tuna steaks, asparagus, but the letter N had me stumped… They were actually out of tuna steaks, so I had to come ub with a plan B for the protein and went with tilapia. For N, the only thing I could come up with were navel oranges. Of course, a quick internet search didn’t come up with many options for foods that start with the letter N either.

Here is what I did, in three easy steps (Get it? That’s where the 123 in the title comes from, and of course, there was that Michael Jackson guy).

1. I placed the fish in foil packets with cut up vegetables. I just used a variety of things I had around the house. I included olive oil, cherry tomoatoes, onion, and zuchinni, and garlic.

2. I topped it off with slices of orange and parsley and wrapped it up to bake.


3. I blanched the asparagus. This makes it a nice green color and keeps the crispness. I topped it with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and grated parmesan cheese.


Three steps is it. Healthy and easy enough. (Get it? Okay, okay, you get it).


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