Thankful for this Thanksgiving Meal Makeover

Before we get down to business, I need to apologize for my recent absence from my blog. I’ve been away at a conference and then busy with family while hosting Thanksgiving for the second year in a row. The conference didn’t really include any “blogworthy” food and our Thanksgiving dinner was pretty traditional. I’m ready to get back to my challenges now though and having a refrigerator full of leftover food is the best way to challenge yourself.

Let’s be honest, there are only so many ham or turkey sandwiches anyone can eat after Thanksgiving. After a few days, I usually freeze some leftovers and move on to other meals. While growing up, I was always curious to see what mom would do with the leftovers. Some of my favorites were recipes similar to  turkey tetrazzini, turkey pot pie, or ham and bean soup. Even though I have mom’s recipes for those childhood favorites, I decided to turn this into a challenge.

I started with my leftover mashed potatoes. I recommend using potatoes for scratch for this recipe. To make mine, I boiled red potatoes and leave the skin on them. I added butter, chives, and onion and chive cream cheese and mash them until they are mixed well, but still chunky.


Then, I chopped the leftover baked ham.


I mixed the ham and potatoes together. I topped it off with a sprinkle of fresh chives.


I popped this into the oven to heat for about 10 minutes. While that heated, I mixed a cornbread mix (the only non-Thanksgiving item in this recipe) that I had in the pantry. I didn’t have milk, but I did have almond milk and used that instead.


I spread the corn bread batter over the top of the mashed potato and ham mixture.


I baked this for another 15 minutes. I wanted the corn bread to be fully cooked, but not browned. While it cooked, I grated fresh cheddar cheese.


I sprinkled this over the dish and baked it until the cheese was melted.


The finished dish was warm, filling, and different enough from Thanksgiving dinner to be enjoyable. I’m calling it a Twice Baked Ham and Potato Casserole.







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