Not too Baaaa-ad

I love all cheeses, but especially love goat cheese. You’ve probably picked up on that in previous posts where I’ve used it including the endive and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms,in salads, eggplant parmesan, in pasta sauce, on bruschetta, and in many other tasty recipes.

I recently found a kit to make goat cheese and decided to try it as an appetizer with french bread for New Year’s Eve.

The kit includes this:


I just had to buy this:


The “Easy to Digest” statement on the carton made me curious. I googled it and found out that goat’s milk is better for multiple reasons. We typically drink and bake with almond milk in our house, which is also a healthy alternative to cow milk. Another note: the kit asks for raw or regular pasteurized milk. I could only find ultra pasteurized. The kit instructions said this was ok but that it would just make the cheese softer. Hoping to account for this, I followed the directions to make firm cheese.

I had time to look all of this up while the cheesecloth, molds, and utensils were sterilized in boiling water.


First, you cook the milk on medium heat, only stirring occassionally, until it reaches 190 degrees. Apparently it is really important NOT to use an aluminum pan in cheesemaking, as the acid will react with the aluminum and aluminum will leech into your cheese. This heating process took about 40 minutes.


While this was cooking, I mixed water with the citric acid and let it absorb. After the milk reaches the appropriate temperature, you turn it to low and add the acidic mixture. It started to curdle. You remove it from the heat and let it sit for about 10 minutes. It looks something like this:


Then, you pour it ont the cheesecloth lined strainer and let it drain.


After about 10 minutes of draining, you add cheese salt, stir it in, and let it drain some more unitl it resembles mashed potatoes.


You spoon the curds into the molds, where they will continue to drain.


Then refrigerate for a a few hours and it is ready to go! This was a nice addition to the appetizers we had at New Year’s Eve. This is only one of the two cheese molds.


As a side note, I discovered that you can clean and reuse cheesecloth. The kit comes with enough ingredients to make 10 batches. What you see above was only half a batch. Each kit should go a long way making it worth the money!



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