Kohlrabi Curry

Have you ever heard of Kohlrabi? Yeah, me neither. Until today. I do nearly all of our grocery shopping. How do I miss all of these things that Joe brings home for me to cook with?? For my challenge tonight, Joe brought a unique vegetable, kohlrabi, to be my challenge. He already had a recipe in mind because he was in the mood for curry. I was able to use the internet, but had to make at least one change to the recipe I used.


I found the recipe for Kohlrabi Curry at Tasty Kitchen.

First, I diced and roasted the kohlrabi in olive oil and minced garlic.


While it roasted, I wanted to know a little more about kohlrabi. It is a German vegetable that supposedly tastes like broccoli stems. I should have read this first, apparently you are supposed to peel it. It turned out fine unpeeled though. I was not looking forward to the dish when I read the description. You may remember from my last cooking challenge – Chicken Broccoli Casserole – that I don’t really like the taste of broccoli. I think this is a poor description – it tasted nothing like broccoli to either of us.

My secret ingredient for this recipe was finely chopped home grown and preserved peppers (thanks, Nancy and Troy!). This is the second post that included ingredients from our friends. Nancy and Troy also contributed to my Southern Surf and Turf.


I sauteed onions, the peppers, mustard seeds, lemon juice, curry powder, garlic, chili powder, cumin, and tomatoes. I made two other small changes. I added green chiles and tripled the curry powder required in the recipe. We REALLY like curry. After everything was tender, it simmered for another 10 minutes.


I served the final dish over rice. It was very tasty. We both agreed that it needed more spice and that we’d like a little more curry sauce to pour over it. We really liked the kohlrabi and plan to eat it a lot more. It is cheap and nutritious!


I found a few other ideas for cooking with it.

Roasted Kohlrabi

German Stuffed Kohlrabi



One thought on “Kohlrabi Curry

  1. […] Because I’m trying to think of vegetarian and paleo options for many of my favorite meals, my recommendation would be to leave the chicken out to make it vegetarian. All of the taste seems to beĀ  in the sauce anyways.Or you can check out my Indian inspired vegetarian recipe for kohlrabi curry. […]

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