Snazzy Sausage Supper

I’m back from spring break and read to get back to my normal life, schedule, and passions. I ate out WAY too much over the break, so cooking my own meal was a nice change of pace. Joe helped me to get creative by bringing me some new ingredients, andouille sausage, red pepper sausage, cabbage, and mini sweet peppers, and challenged me to make two different dishes.


For what I had in mind, almost everything I needed was on this plate. The only things I added from our refrigerator were onion, mustard, and a sweet potato.

First, I popped the sweet potato into water and began boiling it.

While the sweet potato boiled, I squeezed all of the andouille sausage out of the casing (this was messy work!) into a pan with olive oil, 1/2 chopped onion, and 4 of the mini sweet peppers sliced into rings. I’ll try this method for removing the casing next time. I was a little nervous about trying andouille sausage again. We tried it while in France and it kind of made us gag. Ok, not kind of, we did gag. As I did a little research for this post, I found out why. The ingredients used in French andouille are a little different than those in American andouille.


Next, I started browning sliced red pepper sausage. I only used half of the link and froze the rest. I knew there would be a lot of food and wanted to think of another way to experiment with it later. Maybe I’ll try this paleo recipe from one of my favorite recipe websites: PaleOMG.


Next, I added our French mustard called Maille to the andouille, pepper, and onion mixture. This gave it a nice spicy flavor and made a light sauce for the mixture.


I pulled the outer large leaves from the cabbage. I don’t know why, but I had the lettuce wraps from PF Changs on my mind and I’ve never even eaten them.


I used the mix and chop to mash the sweet potatoes and added 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper.


I used the andouille mixture for the cabbage wraps. I actually liked using cabbage as the wraps better than lettuce because it is a little sturdier for eating. This was my favorite of the two dishes. We also had leftovers to pack an easy and somewhat healthy lunch for tomorrow.


I paired the red pepper sausage on top of the sweet potato mash. This was not visually appealing because the colors were too close, but the mix of spicy and sweet was perfect. This one was Joe’s favorite.


Although not intentional, this is my second post in a row involving sausage recipes. My last recipe was my own version of jambalaya.


2 thoughts on “Snazzy Sausage Supper

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  2. […] that included two specialty sausages: andouille and red pepper sausage. In that post, I made sausage cabbage wraps and spicy sausage and sweet potato mash. I didn’t use all of the sausage and decided to save some for another challenge. Today was […]

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