Baby Back Ribs and Cabbage Slaw

Joe brought home several ingredients today and even gave me a choice in the main protein in the dish! Below, you will see lemongrass, greek yogurt, a habanero cheese, a creamy mushroom cheese, and baby back ribs. I chose the ribs over ox tail. I’m saving that for another post this week.


I coated the ribs in olive oil. And look! Joe took an action shot. I didn’t really notice while cooking, but you can see me biting my lip in the picture. Apparently, it requires serious concentration to slather olive oil on ribs… P.S. Please ignore the coffee mug that looks like a toilet in the background…

photo 1(10)

I realize that the obvious choice for ribs is barbecue sauce. However, I did not have the ingredients to make a sauce. Besides, who wants to do the obvious? Instead, I mixed 5 spices together (1 teaspoon of each): cumin, ancho chile powder, garlic powder, paprika, and black pepper. I stirred the spices into about a cup and a half of greek yogurt to make a paste.

photo 2(7)

I spread this over the ribs and topped it with chopped jalapenos. I baked it at about 350 degrees for 2 and a half hours.

photo 3(6)

Next, I used leftover cabbage from my sausage and cabbage rolls. I chopped it to about the consistency of a rough coleslaw. I finely chopped 4 sprigs of lemongrass into the cabbage.

photo 4(5)

Next, I added one chopped and deseeded tomato, one mashed avocado, and 2 tablespoons of lime juice. I remembered making a similar coleslaw in the past, but this was a different twist on it.

photo 1(11)

I grated the habanero cheese and put it on the salad to chill while the ribs cooked.

photo 3(7)

The ribs turned out very juicy but also nicely browned. They were spicy, but not too spicy. My thought was the greek yogurt would help tone down the spice level and it did.

photo 4(6)

I also really liked the addition of the lemongrass to the coleslaw. The flavor really set off the dish. Overall, we were both very happy with the dinner!

photo 5(3)


One thought on “Baby Back Ribs and Cabbage Slaw

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