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According to a recent article in the Herald-Leader, “Two years ago, Lexington had one brewery and two or three nice places to get a craft beer. Today, there are three    breweries, a fourth about to open — Blue Stallion Brewing Co. at 610 West Third Street — several others in the planning stages, and more than a dozen places to enjoy a craft beer.”
To celebrate this growth, Lexington is hosting it’s first ever Craft Beer Week. As part of Craft Beer Week, Joe and I decided to take a class on cooking with beer hosted by the chef of one of our favorite food trucks: Fork in the Road. Read about some of the other food trucks in Lexington in the post I wrote about the Athenian Grill food truck.

The class was hosted by Country Boy Brewing and used beers from their menu.

photo 4(8)

Our class was set up in the back of the brewery and surrounded by fermenter tanks. There were only about 30 of us which made it seem personal and allowed us to see everything and ask questions. We sat on kegs and enjoyed the show (and the food!)

photo 3(12)

Our first course was a pan-Asian inspired marinated and braised pork belly slider with slaw, marinated veggies, pickles, and cilantro.

photo 1(14)

Next, we had buffalo sauce infused hollandaise sauce on beer brined wings with chopped celery and blue cheese. To top it off they used a torch to create a smoky flavor for the wings.

photo 2(11)

photo 4(9)

Third, we were served a beer and lamb stew that was reduced and mixed with beer hops. This lamb and beer mixture was encased in pasta and served with tomato sauce and mint chimichurri.

photo 3(11)

Our final dish was a hops and citrus jello. While it was very creative, I liked the other dishes much better.

photo 5(5)

If you are interested in other craft beer events this week, you can find the schedule here. Or, if you are interested in other cooking ideas that involve beer, check out this page on the Food Network.

This was a wonderful and fun event that I hope they’ll repeat in the future (and not just during Craft Beer Week!). I’m inspired. I’ll have to try my own hand at making some culinary creations with beer.


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