Texas Caviar Chicken and Refried Beans

Hello friends, family, and followers!

Sorry for the long delay in posts. I’ve been out of the country…then out of state…and then just out of my kitchen. I’m so ready to get back to my own kitchen and eating (and cooking) like I normally do though! I’m not quite there yet, but decided while visiting my parents that I would cook dinner for them. It is hard to cook in a kitchen that isn’t your own!

I made a Mexican inspired dish with my own play off of Texas caviar. If you aren’t familiar with Texas caviar, you can find the traditional recipe here.

First, I roasted two ears of corn, one red pepper, and one green pepper using the broiler in the oven. While that broiled, I prepared several other pieces of the meal.

I made a homemade taco seasoning instead of using the store bought seasoning packets. I left out the salt to make it a little healthier. I sprinkled about half of this over the chicken breasts and then put them into the oven to bake.

I chopped two tomatoes and 1/2 of an onion into 2 tablespoons and started to sautee them. As the peppers finished roasting, I chopped them into the mixture. Last, I shaved the roasted corn into the mixture and added the second half of the taco seasoning.

photo 1(20)

While the mixture cooked on low and the chicken continued to bake, I began heating refried beans. To help with the texture, I added 1 tablespoon of sour cream and 1/4 cup of cheddar cheese. As this mixed into the beans, they became so much creamier and tastier!

photo 2(17)

The last step was just to boil rice as the foundation for the plate. I plated it and added a dollop of sour cream and a touch of shredded cheddar. I kept it to a minimum to keep the dish a bit healthier.

photo 4(12)

I liked the simple, fresh, and tasty dish. Looking forward to having leftovers for my lunch today. I’ll be getting back to my normal food challenges and posts next week.

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