According to the Wall Street Journal, the gourmet cupcake trend is crumbling. However, I can say with confidence that I will never tire of gourmet cupcakes. A few favorites are Caramanda’s, BabyCakes, and GiGis. I’m blogging about cupcakes for two reasons. I needed to thank someone for some extra help at the office and I enjoy thanking people with food. Second, I had several bananas that were borderline too ripe. I decided to use the bananas to make cupcakes.

I found a basic recipe online for the cake: a banana chocolate chip cupcake.

photo 1(23) photo 2 photo 4(14)

So this was not my original creation and I can not take credit, but I spiced it up with a few touches of my own. And most of my desserts do include a few shortcuts with store bought items. I mixed peanut butter into store bought cream cheese icing.

photo 1(24)

I baked another banana to make banana chips. I had banana chips with pork sliders at The Jax during Lexington’s Restaurant Week, “Beyond Grits.” I meant to post about my dining experience there, but forgot to take pictures during the meal! I used the baked banana chips and a few chocolate chips to garnish each cupcake.

photo 3(16) photo 2(21)

The cupcakes turned out really well. The only thing that needed improvement was the banana chips. They didn’t get as crisp as the ones I tried to replicate. They may have been made using a different method like deep frying or dehydration.

photo 4photo 3(17)

I don’t normally post about desserts and I don’t normally make them just to try to eat healthy. But, you can check out some of my other desserts at these links:

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White Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake


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