A Taste of Lexington’s Latino Culture

In my last post I mentioned that Lexington is always doing something fun. Well, they are at it again this weekend! We attended the Festival Latino de Lexington last year and had been looking forward to coming back this year.

We enjoyed the dancing, music, and presentations by school children from all over the city. But of course, my main interest is the food.

We chose to go to the stand for the Nicaraguan Latin Grill, a restaurant I had been wanting to try for a while now. They have authentic cuisine and I’m told there is great salsa dancing on Tuesday nights! I had shredded marinated beef, rice topped with black beans, and sweet plantains.


Joe had a pork taquito, mixed rice and beans, plantain cakes, and yuca topped with chimmichurri sauce.


Both meals reminded me of my time in Costa Rica. What a great place with great food!

I’m thinking I should add some ethnic cuisine to my challenges. I’ve never tried cooking with yuca or plantains before.

We ended the night with some amazing fresh churros. If you haven’t checked out the festival (and the food!) yet, you still have time. Enjoy!


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